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16.01.2021 - WinterOT Launch

Welcome to WinterOT!
The WinterOT Team has worked countless hours to get the server up and running smoothly, as a result, WinterOT is designated to launch on the 16th January, Saturday 2021, 15:00 CEST.

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Server start

Amount of registered accounts: 262
Amount of registered players: 330

Most powerful guilds

Rejtana 24

1 kills

0 kills
12.12.2020 -
16.01.2021 - WinterOT Launch!
Author: GM Victoria

Do you want to play and earn at the same time? Do you still reminisce about the golden 8.6 era?

Here on WinterOT, we always prioritize the worthy community - as a result, every month; prizes will be given out to the top 10 most notable players on our highscores. The top 5 players will be guaranteed to secure prizes ranging from €250 to €50.
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In addition, the WinterOT team makes it possible to exchange WinterOT points for real life money.
More about this topic can be read here.

We have combined the most note worthy, sentimental aspect of 8.6: Spell cooldowns. All spell cooldowns have been reduced to 2 seconds to maintain the nostalgic atmosphere from that graceful time period, while still enjoying the newest content from tibia.

We acknowledge the significance of each and every single player, after all; you make the game. We will always put the community ahead of us. We will always listen to feedback and will improve from them.

The WinterOT team has worked incredibly hard to implement never seen before and exciting game systems. We have added..


Build your OWN custom house ANYWHERE after succeeding 1700 prestige points. You can also re-make old houses with our premium custom house system. In addition, Golden accounts have access to all the house decorations from the gamestore for free with unlimited accesss.

WinterOT strives to be adventurous while maintaining the original map that everyone came to know and love. Throughout the VAST TERRARAM realm, there have been many new and captivating spawns implemented, ranging in difficulty and spawn rate.

Among many interesting aspects of WinterOT, mini-bosses are guaranteed to keep the game refreshing. Occasionally, they will spawn on the map at a given time, and a location randomly picked from a list.
Mini-bosses carry unique loot with them, which results in them being very protective and defensive.

We want to give our players a chance to express themselves, as a result we have implemented character profile pictures. Every player can make their profile more homely by setting up their own profile picture up.

We strongly disagre with restrictions and Pay to Win in the gaming industry, as a result, we have made everything in the game truly free for everyone. Small bonuses and benefits are given out to our benevolant donators which have purchased the golden account which gives minor benefits to the donator such as a bigger capacity bonus, daily golden account rewards and many more!
More about this topic can be read here.

Have you ever wanted to make money playing your favourite game? The WinterOT team makes it possible to transfer and exchange WinterOT Coins for money.
More about this topic can be read here.

Furthermore, there are numerous creative events to keep the game thriving with exhilarating content to keep the mind at work with challenging tasks, and the ferocious battles fought by the most courageous participants.

Our servers are the most secure and impenetrable and as a result will never malfunction. You sit back and enjoy WinterOT because it is here to stay.

Our team which has worked countless hours on WinterOT, is determined to always help the community. We take pride in our outstanding support system and communication with our dear customers.

WinterOT will be an amazing adventure which is guaranteed to create everlasting, joyful and meaningful positive memories and friendships which last forever!

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Players Online

    1- Action (2)
    2- Squirtle (1)
    3- John (1)
    4- Kazimierz Mytych (1)
    5- King Shado (1)

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    1- John
(10,000,000 gold coins)
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Last Updated: 2021.03.05 07:35

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